3 simple things you should be doing to grow your socials every day

Daily engagement

Interact with your community. Building a community is what’s going to make your business grow! Speak to them everyday.

Check out our engagement checklist to nail your engagement in 15 mins.

Jump on your stories

The more stories you post the more you’re going to appear on your audiences feed meaning your business will be rolling through their heads all day. Not only that but your audience love to see you and your brand. Show them the behind the scenes, new products, your bestsellers. Your audience even love seeing your day to day life, build connections with them and grow your community.

Post a Tik tok

We all know by now Tik tok is an amazing platform to grow your following, with so many businesses going viral for their amazing products! Even making one 15 second video a day with massively increase your reach. Don’t forget to use your drafts so you always have content lined up on the days you don’t fancy making any.

Give these tips a go and watch your socials soar.

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