4 EASY ways to increase online sales

Do you own a small business and are struggling to get those online sales? We’ve got you covered! Here are our top 4 easy ways to increase online sales

1. Sell Knowledge ?

I’m sure you’ve seen many business owners selling things like eBooks or webinars, Thats because their knowledge is priceless to people wanting to know how they do what they do. Selling your knowledge is a great way to increase your sales and often create passive income. You spent the time learning it now its time to monetise it?

2. Sales Funnels

Do you have your clear sales funnels set up? This one is so important as this is what’s going to encourage people to hit that ‘Buy’ button. Want a larger volume of sales?? Sales funnels are vital in getting them. We recommend going through every sales funnel and writing down which ones relate the most to your business, from that see how you can implement them.

Don’t know what a funnel is or what one you should be using? If so, check this out!

3. Increase your rate/prices

This one can feel quite scary at first ? but it is necessary for growth. You know your product/ service is good, are you really charging what’s its worth??‍♂️ You’re delivering something people NEED and they will be willing to pay for what you’re selling as long as it fixes their problem.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is amazing for reaching a wider audience. If you’re hot on who your target audience is, see who they’re following, those people/businesses may be able to help you increase your sales as they will be motivated through a commission based approach. This is also a great way to increase brand awareness and gain a bigger following which is likely to get you sales in the future.?

Now go out there and put some of these tips into action!!

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