Could Instagram stories be the secret to the algorithm?

We’ve all found out how hard it can be to get noticed on Instagram nowadays. Instagram is very much becoming a ‘Paid platform’ in terms of business growth and those overnight successes from someone tagging your brand are almost unheard of on the platform unlike a few years ago. 

HOWEVER, This does not mean it’s impossible for businesses to grow their brand on instagram, and we’ve been searching for ways to stop business accounts dropping to the bottom of the newsfeed never to be seen and making them become a brand that is noticed daily by their followers. 

We have found stories are becoming a user first experience. A lot of users are spending their time flicking through stories rather than scrolling through every post on their feed and this is where you need to get seen. 

The more often you post on stories the more your followers are going to see your brand. Imagine how many extra views you could get if you just posted a few quick stories every day!!!

The trick to stories is you want to keep people engaged so they don’t swipe to skip, this will notify Instagram people aren’t loving your content and push you to the back of the que. Create content people WANT to see, this will typically be video content of real people. Show your audience the day to day runnings of your business, Your favourite products. You can even show them some of the mishaps so they really feel apart of your journey. Even repurposing some of your tik toks without the watermark could make some great video content to keep your viewers engaged. 

Interactive posts are also great for the story algorithm, try running some polls or getting your audience to ask you questions in the question box. That way you know your followers are interested in what you’re posting! 

Update: Instagram have just announced they will be introducing a new feature to stories that shows the first 3 stories from a user and in order for the viewer to continue watching they will now have to click a ‘See more’ button. We would predict that the see more button will be a big indicator to instagram if people are enjoying your content so make those first 3 slides count!

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