Daily engagement checklist you NEED to grow on Instagram

So many business owners have told us they don’t bother with engagement and their reasoning is it takes too long. What if we were to tell you you can do it all in just 20 minutes a day? ?

Our daily checklist is the best way to boss your engagement and can all be done before you even get out of bed in the morning. ?

First 5 minutes – Reply to all your engagement, comments, DM’s, story replies and delete any spam.

Second 5 minutes – Interact with posts on your feed and remember to be genuine! Spam liking adds no value ?‍♀️, comment a genuine thought or question – commenting an emoji doesn’t cut it. ?

Third 5 minutes – Engage with your dream customers and collaborators, search hashtags or tagged photos to find them. As always be genuine, this could be the first time they’ve heard of you, make them want to see more. ?

Last 5 minutes – Scroll through reels, be sure to save any sounds you want to use and write down any ideas and get inspired to make some amazing reels!

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