Here’s how to sell on Instagram

So we spend all this time creating a social media presence for our brand, but what are we actually doing it all for? Sales of course.

Instagram is one of the biggest conversion platforms where your followers convert to customers, so it’s super important to make it easy for your customers to buy!

Here’s some ways to make it super easy for your audience to buy your products on Instagram:

Add a link to your website in your bio

Instagram allows you to add a link in your instagram bio which is such a useful feature! If you’re not using it already it’s an amazing tool which you should definitely be utilising.

Create an Instagram shop

This is the easiest way to shop via instagram. This allows businesses to showcase a catalog of products straight through the Instagram app. Not only is it great for users to easily buy your products through your page but it also means your products may be showcased through the Instagram Shop tab — a shopping destination accessible from Instagram’s main navigation menu. This then works with users algorithm to show users that are highly likely to buy your products, products that they will love.

Feed post tagging

Once your Instagram shop is set up you will then have a full catalog of products you can tag in your photos! This makes it super easy for customers to see something they love and buy immediately. Users are able to click directly on the product and buy in seconds all from their Instagram feed.

Story post tagging

Similar to feed post tagging, Stories offer a shoppable product sticker where products can be shopped straight from stories. This is a great feature as there is a huge percentage of Instagram users that spend more time viewing stories than scrolling down the feed. It also means you can tag lot’s of products through the day without over saturating your feed.

Coming Soon

Over the past year we’ve seen the US trail a number of features on the platform which fingers crossed we will be seeing in the uk space soon. These features could be revolutionary in the Instagram shopping space and lead brands to sell a lot more product day to day. One of the most exciting features is community tagging where influencers will be able to tag your products in their own pictures meaning their followers will be able to buy directly through their posts! Another exciting feature we may see coming to the app is Instagram Live shopping, after seeing the success of Tiktok live shopping there’s no wonder Instagram are jumping on the bandwagon with this one. Creators will soon be able to jump on a live stream and sell products directly through the app meaning not only a bigger reach for your brand but a much quicker conversion rate as users are sent straight to the end of your funnel and are sold products straight away.

If you’re not already selling through Instagram, now is your time to increase those conversions and make those sales.

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