How to automate your socials and still add value

Running a business AND marketing your business all at the same time can become quite overwhelming and time can simply just slip away from you leading to inconsistency and burnout. Here’s how you can automate your socials for the month and make sure you still have time for your business all while staying consistent.

Have 1 content day each month

This day is specifically dedicated to your content and you should avoid doing any tasks in between. Here’s a list of content you will need to produce on this day.

– Photography for your socials, set up a range of shots and get shooting for your socials, it’s probably best to plan this part of your day when the lightings at it’s best. Make sure you’r pictures are clear and reflect the theme of your social channels. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, invite a local photographer down and that way you know you’re going to have great content for the whole month.

– TikTok creation, this is great to bulk film as TikTok’s can be repurposed across all your social platforms. Gather together some trending sounds and relate this back to your business. The trick here is to change up your outfits every now and again so it’s not obvious they were filmed at once. Gather some clips together of your workplace and products that can be added together and edited into a few TikToks further down the month

– Create some videos of you and your workspace to post on stories throughout the month, these can be super casual and just give your audience an insight into your day to day life. These will be great for those days you just don’t feel like showing up.

Set up a Content calendar

A content calendar is key for making sure you’re hitting all your content pillars throughout the month and you’re getting all the content out you need. If you’re looking for a great easy to use content calendar head to the link in bio where you can bag the content calendar we use for all our clients content!


Make facebook business suite your best friend! Schedule all your content for the month before the month has started so you don’t need to worry about it again. Facebook business suite is free and allows you to schedule Instagram and facebook posts and stories! Unfortunately there is no software to schedule reels and TikTok’s currently but we suggest uploading them to your drafts and setting reminders on your phone of when to post.

Try it out next month and watch your productivity grow!

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