How to upgrade your content marketing INSTANTLY

Are you optimising your content to get sales? ?

Let us guess, you’re one of those people that doesn’t plan your content. Well, maybe you do, but do you fully research and optimise what to post & when to gain the maximum amount of sales from your Social Media channels? Don’t worry, we’re not judging you!

We know how hard it can be to be creative and motivated to get the most optimised content out, but it’s so worth it! Your content is the backbone of your social media channel, it’s vital for it to be as close to perfect as possible – this means a lot of time and research ?

?? Research – research the posts that your followers and community want to see – just whack a question box on your story, ask them what content they’d like to see!

?? Ideation – form an idea around that content, how are you going to present it to your audience? Are you going to talk about it on your story? Then comes my favourite part…

?? Creation – grab your audience’s attention with a bold graphic (like the one above ?, did it draw you in?) or an eye-catching reel – Instagram is a visual platform and you want all those ?on your post!

?? Distribution – where are you going to put your content and and what time? Are you going to repurpose your content for other channels? ?

All of this can be pretty overwhelming, which is where we come in! We work with brands from all over the world to optimise their content to increase sales and boost ROI ?You can leave the boring marketing stuff to us while you focus on what you love ?

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