How to use memes in 2022

We all LOVE a meme. It’s something that makes brands seem a little bit more human and gives us all a laugh, but there’s a very fine line between using memes that are going to get you engagement and those that your nan is probably still sharing on facebook from 2016.

Here’s some tips on how to get the most out of meme’s for your business in 2022:

Relate it to your niche

One of the most Important factors when sharing a meme is relating it back to your niche to suit your audience. Posting a meme you personally enjoyed on your page doesn’t necessarily mean your audience will enjoy it as much as you. Think about who your audience are, will they relate? If the answers yes definitely give it a share. If you’re not sure and it doesn’t relate to your niche maybe give it a miss this time or simply share it on your stories instead! 

Keep up with the trends 

The second a new meme is created in the world of pop culture a million social media managers are flocking to their laptops to get it shared while the trends still thriving. Viral memes made from an event will be most effective in the first 12 hours and this is where you will see the most engagement from sharing the meme. From there you will slowly start to see engagement dropping as social media becomes over saturated with the same content. It’s super Important to jump on trends ASAP. 

Keeping it current

Meme’s will always do better with the use of a trending topic. If there’s a new series EVERYONE’s watching, creating a meme based around that will be sure to gain traction. For example back in January everyone was watching euphoria and posting a shot from a scene on socials with a clever caption was bound to gain traction as we were all OBSESSED! Keep up to date with pop culture and whats going on in the world, that picture of Kris Jenner drunk we can all relate to would be a perfect meme the next time the Kardashian’s are trending (I mean when are they not?) 

Notice when a meme is out of date

So we all know some meme’s can be classics but when do they become boring? If a meme’s been being shared around facebook for thee past 3 years and even your mums getting bored of it, it’s best to come up with a fresh idea. Using those types of meme’s can leave your brand looking a bit out of date and it’s always best to keep up to date and be in the know. 

Customise your memes

First of all you never know when a meme you post on your account is going to go viral, make sure you add a small watermark of your brand logo onto your meme and customise the text with your brand colours so it fits the aesthetic of your page. There’s nothing worse than having a neutral colour palette over all your feed posts then posting a meme with a bright red background in the middle of your page. Also you wan’t to make sure when others share your post the viewers are being directed back to your page to view your business! 

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