How to use your socials to funnel your audience to sales

Before a customer buys from you, they travel through a ‘virtual funnel’ where they can go through the different stages of; finding you, growing an interest in your product, becoming part of your community and becoming a customer. Your customers can enter through a number of different openings to the funnel with many of them being through social media platforms. It’s super important your funnel openers have easily accessible avenues to reach the end of the funnel. 

Here are some ways to make it easy for your audience to travel through the funnel. 

Use every link the social media site allows you to have

For example Tiktok allows you to add a button that sends people straight to your Instagram, Shoppers from Tiktok often love to check out your Instagram content before purchasing so this is a great feature.

Make one of your goals when starting your socials to unlock useful tools.

Some social media sites only allow you to unlock certain tools once you have a certain amount of followers ( for example you need 1000 followers on Tiktok to be able to add a link in your bio.) If you’re new to the social media site make your goal to hit that goal in the first few months to make it easier for customers to find your products! 

Add a Link page 

Add a link page to your bio (eg Linktree) with links to all your social channels and most importantly where the shoppers can buy your products (This link should be right at the top so it’s easy to access.) 

Push your customers to where you want them to be

Push customers through the funnel by mentioning whats going on on your website or other social media sites. Eg posting an instagram story saying ‘have you checked out our latest blog?’

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