How to write the PERFECT Instagram bio for your business

Ever read a business’ social bio and learnt absolutely nothing about their business? This is a BIG mistake we see a lot of brands make which is so easy to fix!

We’re here to show you how to write the perfect instagram bio in 5 easy steps, and don’t forget to jot some notes down so you can make sure your bio is grabbing your audiences attention immediately.

Step 1: Clarify your brand and what it has to offer

Make sure your audience knows who you are and what you’re offering. Whether you’re selling clothes or washing peoples cars, people come to your bio to see what you’re offering. What makes your brand a cut above the rest and sets you apart from other brands offering the same things to you? This is exactly what you should showcase this in your bio!

Step 2: Keep it short and snappy

Use bullet points (using emoji’s to do this can look fab!) to space your bio out and organise what you want to say. You have 3 to 5 seconds to grab your potential customers attention, you don’t want all your information getting lost in a long paragraph that customers are likely to gaze past. You’ve got to suck them in!

Step 3: Add your contact info

Writing your phone number or email address in your bio is wasting that tiny space you’re given to showcase who you are. You need to utilise the features social channels offer you to add your contact information in so you can really use your bio to sell your brand! It also makes it so much easier for your audience to contact you by the click of a button!

Step 4: Include a CTA (Call to Action)

Encourage people to find out more! ‘Check us out down below!’ ‘Click the link in our bio to enquire!’. This triggers peoples brains to want to find out more and continue their journey with your brand and it a great way to lead potential customers through your sales funnel.

Step 5: Be yourself!

This is one of the main pointers when running a business in general but showcasing this in your bio will entice your audience in further, show off your personality, write something witty and funny and we promise your audience will get a great first impression from you!

Follow all these steps and you can’t go wrong ✅

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