Make your social more human

We’re here to encourage you ALL to make your socials more human.


Your audience are no longer wanting to be constantly sold things on socials and shown the same generic posts about why they should buy your product.

Your followers need to be authentic meaning you have to cater for what they like, they may already like your product, but what about everything else?

Your Instagram account is for your followers not for you.

Here’s some ideas of how to show your human side on socials.

Have a sense of humour

Think memes, joining in with conversations of things currently going on in pop culture. Something funny thats happened in your office, your followers will love hearing about it. A top tip is to stay on top of new memes, the day one comes out make it cater for your brand ASAP and get it posted in order to gain the most interaction.

Share yourself

Don’t be afraid to show up on camera and show your followers what you’re up to. Even a quick snap of your morning coffee is a great way to put across you’re a real person.

Your followers will love following along on your journey give them a sneak peek into your life and your business, even sharing some of the bumps in the road will make your brand seem more human. Connecting with your audience will do wonders.

Speak to your audience

Ask them what they want to see. Ask them how their day’s going, what they’re doing at the weekend. Comment on their posts with a compliment! Interacting with them on a 1-1 level will show them how much their support means to your brand.

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