The 7 types of online sales funnels

Is your business using sales funnels to increase profits? ?

There are 7 different types of sales funnels, so let’s get straight into it and talk you through them!

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This funnel primarily focuses on generating leads as opposed to making a direct profit. A SLO is a product you offer for free to encourage leads and interest in your business (you may offer a free eBook in order to get your potential customers to sign up to your email list in order to eventually nurture them into customers!)

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How many times have you gone to buy a product online and suddenly been put off by the £3.65 shipping costs? We’ve all been there. Free shipping acts as an incentive to get customers to buy your products as they know they won’t be stung by that extra few pounds.

Usually used to drive engagement and reputation. This is often used In the fitness industry with challenges like ’30 Day challenge to a better body’, but can be used in so many industries and also helps promote brand awareness.

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Used to generate leads and gain profit. Creating valuable content in webinars encouraging potential customers to sign up. The aim is essentially to grab those emails from people that can turn into potential leads!

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Ever seen a clothing website offer 10% off of their first order if you sign up? That’s a lead magnet and email funnel and encourages potential buyers to make purchases!

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Commonly used for high ticket profits or services. The aim is to get on a call with potential clients/customers.

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Commonly used by eCommerce companies. Even seen certain brands getting tagged in your fave influencers posts? And you best believe brands are watching the new series of love island VERY closely to see who they can use in their future affiliate sales funnel ?

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