The fastest way to grow your Instagram with Carousels!

Are you utilising carousel posts on Instagram to boost your engagement? If not, do it, and here’s why:

First of all, on average, carousel posts receive between 0.25 – 0.5% more engagement – crazy! Your followers will spend a longer time viewing these posts as they have multiple images. That means that you’ll rank higher in the Instagram algorithm which equals more engagement and reach!! ?

Instagram lets you upload up to 10 photos in one carousel post, but don’t feel the need to use all 10 image slots. If you’re uploading infographics or anything that’s not just a photo to your carousel, try to make them as simple as possible. No one wants to look at a long list of information – trust me ?


Unlike with regular posts, using hashtags on carousel posts will actually decrease your reach – it’s a glitch in the Instagram algorithm. ?

So if you don’t already, start using carousel posts to get more engagement! It also allows you to fit in more information but in a more effective and organised way, eg if you have a new product launch coming up and you want to get all the information out, but not in a crowded way! ?

These tips will not only maximise your reach & engagement, but will tidy up your content on your feed and be sooo much easier for your customers to read through ?

If you’d like more tips on the Instagram algorithm and how to use it to your advantage to boost your social media channels, drop us an email!

For more tips on how to take advantage of Instagram to grow your brand to the max, you can check out our eBook HERE

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