The power of captions

Captions are something that seem to get by-passed when posting on socials and sometimes just a simple emoji is all that gets posted. Captions are actually one of the main things that’s going to grab your buyer and complete your sale.

Here’s some key things you should be including:

A snappy opener, something that’s going to grab the reader and stop them scrolling some examples include:

Did you know …

Have you seen …


New product alert!!


Emojis are a great think to add to a caption to keep those eyes on your direction, the bright colours grab the reader and encourage them to keep reading. We love a speakerphone for an announcement ?

A call to action

A CTA can be used in a range of different ways whether it be to increase engagement or direct people to your website. It is probably one of the most important things when it comes to a caption.

For engagement ask your followers opinions on things, ask them a question, get them to comment their experience’s don’t forget to add the ‘comment down below’ to make it a CTA.

For website clicks say things like ‘check out our new product on site now’ ‘head to our website to see’ ‘check out our new blog at …’

Tailor your captions to your target audience, while the majority of audiences like a short snappy caption, there may be some niche audiences that love a good little read.

Give these tips a try and let us know what you think!

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