Weekly content creation checklist

As a business owner, Social media can take up SO MUCH of our time meaning other things in the business can become neglected or overwhelming. Let’s face it you signed up to sell a product, not to be a social media manager. Thats why we’ve created this checklist to create all your content for the week in 6 hours or less. Meaning you have over 4 more days a week to spend on your business!! A dream right? Give it a go and watch your productivity soar and get organised.

Hour 1 – Scroll through Tiktok and see which sounds are trending, recreate as many as you can based to your niche/using your products.

Hour 2 – Create some informational talking Tiktok’s based around your niche/products. Try and make a list of these before filming so you don’t get stuck in a creative rut and waste time. Don’t forget to add a trending song on a low volume once you post (make sure it’s super low and doesn’t distract from your video!)

Hour 3 – Set up some cool photo spots and take a few pics. Try to go somewhere with good lighting eg outside or by a big window. Golden hour is also perfect for taking a few snaps if you’re shooting at that time of day. DON’T FORGET TO WIPE YOUR LENSE!

Hour 4 – Edit your photo’s. This can be done simply on your phone picture settings, in Lightroom or Photoshop if you have the budget, or on Photopea (which is free.) Theres so many apps out there to help you edit and lot’s of tutorials online. Make sure you’re always turning that brightness up to get a professional looking picture.

Hour 5 – Create some engaging Story graphics to use through the week. This can be a mixture of promotional stories and stories to add question boxes and polls to to get your audience engaging with your content. Try and think of whats trending at the moment that your audience will enjoy.

Hour 6 – Hop onto stories and show some behind the scenes and speak to your audience! You can also pre- film some content to add to stories throughout the week. Even time-lapse’s of you packing orders are great to show your audience.

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