Why your hashtags aren’t working…

So many businesses struggle when using hashtags and completely give up on them, thinking those extra few views aren’t worth the effort. Well here at Dani Digital we have helped businesses increase revenue by thousands with the use of hashtags and making sure they are being used in the RIGHT way ??

Let us share some of our top tips with you on how to generate, and execute hashtags to boost your brand. Even better, hashtags are free so implementing these top tricks & tips won’t come at a cost for your awesome brand!

1. Utilise 30 hashtags in every post

Instagram gives you the opportunity to use 30 hashtags on each post, so make sure you’re making use of them! Using all 30 hashtags gives your post so much more opportunity to be seen by potential customers – so why waste them?

2. Stop using the same hashtags in every post

Make sure you’re switching them up every time and correlating them to what your post is about. Instagram will recognise the continual copy & paste of hashtag sets on every post. Vary your hashtags according to your content, even if that just means switching a few around!

3. Use different types of hashtags

Your hashtags should relate to your post, make sure your utilising hashtags that relate to your industry, business and specific to your post, that way you know you’re hitting your target demographic. For example, if your post is about a new jewellery product and you’re based in London, think about using hashtags like #londonstartup and #londongoldjewellery as opposed to more general hashtags.

4. Use different sized hashtags

Use a range of hashtag sizes – if all your hashtags have over 1M posts, you’re unlikely to rank on any hashtag feeds unless your account is already very established. You’ll have to consider the size of your account, if you’ve got 50k followers already, using hashtags with 10k posts on might not be the best idea, so use a bit of intuition as well!

5. Watch out for banned hashtags

Make sure you research your hashtags before you use them to avoid those banned hashtags! If you’re using a banned hashtag this can also affect the ranking of that post in the algorithm – so this is a great one to look out for!

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